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Thompson Custom Builders


"I can't say enough good things about John and his team. Each member of John's team was professional and their workmanship was excellent. John's bid for the project was somewhere in the middle of the bids we received, but his organizational skills, prompt and thorough answers, and friendly personality put him way above the other contractors."

Sheryl Hayes-Hursh

"If you are searching for an exceptional home builder, Thompson Custom Builders will exceed your expectations.

Our process actually started over seven years ago with a set of blueprints and the vision to build. Our situation was rather unique. We wanted to build a house for our young family, on our family farm that has been home to five generations. We were planning and building for both the short and long term - we wanted a home to raise our kids in and a home to live in well after retirement. Also, I designed every square foot of our 2-story ‘modern farmhouse.’ I spent countless hours drafting the ideal site plan, laying out interior spaces, and positioning the 46 windows to celebrate views and capture sunlight. I researched top quality products, building materials, and mechanical systems. Ultimately, I wanted to create architecture that was both efficient and inspirational for my family and for generations to come. To say I was deeply invested is an understatement. This project wasn't just a building project; this undertaking was (and is) very personal to me and my family.

Building a home is personal on many levels, many of which I mentioned above, and of course the element of cost and value are always near the top of that list. On a fixed budget, limited incomes, and years of savings, we needed to responsibly build this dream.

When we started this project, we were working with other builders; we had never heard of Thompson Custom Builders. (No surprise, John spends all his time perfecting his current projects; not advertising and talking about his completed ones.) We were introduced to John later in the process, and when the time came to get bids we asked John to bid our house. After viewing his projects and the proposal for our house, the decision was made simple. The level of detail and his open book (open bid) policy allowed us to know exactly what we were buying and where every dollar was going.

From that day forward, John didn't disappoint. In fact, he exceeded our high expectations. He was always on budget. We actually anticipated the project would go over budget; what project doesn't, right?! But our project was right on the numbers and this actually allowed us to upgrade finishes and features during construction.John does an extremely effective job of construction management. He orchestrates a very efficient building process. With that said, the project did throw a couple unforeseen curveballs. John resolved those glitches as if they never happened. The project continued and was completed without delay, issue, or added cost to us.

This building process was a momentous time for our family and new chapter for our family farm. Our new home has been a blessing in our lives. For Thompson Custom Builders, home building isn't just a business, it is very personal too. After experiencing the building process firsthand and now enjoying the build product, this truth is clearly evident."

Chris Landerud

"I built two homes with John and would never work with anyone else on home construction projects! Our first home was a beautiful triplex in McFarland. We had our 4500 sq ft home, a 2 bedroom unit with an attached door from our house leading to my mother's home, and next to that a 3 bedroom home that was a rental unit. The second project was the lake home where we now live.

John never let me down and always followed through. He is a hands-on onsite general contractor who makes sure all work is done properly. He is the ultimate quality control guy and always makes sure that everything is constructed properly and at the highest quality level. He does not cut corners.

Another thing I really loved about working with John is that he discusses all the financials with you, which no other builder I interviewed does. Since his business model is cost plus, he gives you copies of all invoices. He also allows you to pick out everything you want in terms of fixtures, lighting, etc. He gives you a reasonable budget in the bid, and then you know what incremental expenses you will incur if you go beyond the budget. He is extremely honest and ethical, and a really nice guy!

John is constantly finding ways to help his customers reduce costs while maintaining high quality standards. For example, when I built the lake home, John introduced me to his subcontractor for cabinets, an Amish guy named Maynard. I got my kitchen design and received a bid from First Supply and Maynard. John's guy was significantly lower priced and I got cherry cabinets! I never had an incremental fee for anything on two projects! I did, however, go over the original budget because of upgrades I chose for the house, but I was aware of that each step of the way because John pointed it out. No surprises with John!

When it comes to deadlines, John never let me down. He built both homes within the projected timeframe he stipulated. He never let subcontractors fall behind. He is a master at scheduling subcontractor's work, and ensures that things move forward per the plan. I remember there was a brief delay one day because a shipment from one supplier didn't arrive. To keep things moving, John went to Menards to pick up the items and delivered them himself. My point is he is serious, extremely competent and will always go above and beyond! Even my neighbor commented on how John was always onsite checking the subcontractors work!

Post construction, there are always a few things that need adjustments, and John gets everything taken care of in a timely manner at no incremental cost unless it involves a significant change. He sincerely wants your home to be perfect.

By working with John, you will get a general contractor who is involved from the design phase all the way through post construction who is extremely experienced. Since his business is all referral, he never lets anyone down."

Tammy Thayer